Acme Tool Repair

Save money – ask if it can be repaired

Acme Carbide Die, Inc. is always willing to evaluate damaged metal forming tools to determine whether or not they can be repaired. If the tool or die is repairable, Acme offers tool repair services to our customers. In addition, we can provide design advice to make tools more repairable.

Building new metal shaping tools can cost twice as much as repairing a damaged tool. Don’t throw money away on a new tool when you could repair your old one for half the price. Although sometimes the damage done to tooling tools and dies in commercial metal forming seem un-repairable, often they can be fixed. Our expert staff has the experience necessary in building and repairing metal stamping tools etc. to be able to evaluate quickly whether or not a tool can be repaired.

Contact us to see if we can repair a damaged tool. We are happy to help repair any metal stamping tools that can be saved. Waste is not a word that we like to use at Acme, and we will take the time and effort to make sure that any damaged tool that our customers send us that can be repaired, will be repaired. Whether you send us damaged swage tools or header dies, we will do our utmost to make it as good as new as quickly as possible.