Acme Prototyping for Metal Forming Tools

Prototyping for tooling ASAP!

Acme Carbide Die prides itself on building fast prototypes. With Acme, you can go from design to production faster!  Acme knows that manufacturing requires prototype tooling ASAP.  We push prototype tooling ahead of the normal production.

One thing all tooling suppliers have in common is the desire to grow their business. At Acme, we grow our business with innovation combined with practicality. We know that a prototype can become obsolete before it even reaches production if the process drags on too long. That’s why we devote our energy to getting the job done faster as well as better than any other supplier. Tooling prototypes need to be developed with an eye for details, but also quickly. Acme builds prototypes quickly, but in a way that doesn’t impact precision requirements. Currently, Acme Carbide Die, Inc. is working with a heavy truck manufacturer to build prototype tools for the flow regulator for natural gas fueled vehicles.

We are familiar with all kinds of metal fabrication. Tool prototypes come in many different forms – tungsten carbide dies, aluminum extrusion dies, deep drawing dies, etc. – and Acme can help bring a prototype for any metal forming application to production.

If you have a prototype project, contact us to find out how we would go about building it.