Acme Carbide News

The latest in dies, tools and metal forming

Acme Carbide Die, Inc. is your source for precision tools, carbide dies, extrusion dies and forming dies of all shapes and sizes. Our die forming capabilities are constantly evolving with the customers and industries we serve. For example, we use the latest in EDM (Electro Discharge Machining), technology.  This allows finer finishes and greater than old EDM technology.

Read through some of the articles below to find out the latest changes and improvements at our company.

Market Diversification

Acme Carbide Die recently went through a Market Diversification program offered by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. Through this program, Acme learned new techniques for expanding its market reach outside of their current customers as well as how to better serve existing customers. This training involved identifying areas for improvement

Acme is looking to offer tool and die services to industries such as the medical, aerospace, mining and automotive. The MMTC’s market diversification program has helped many manufacturers to expand their reach and better serve their customers. Acme is no exception and has realized many benefits from the program including an E-mail marketing strategy.

Look for better and better things from Acme Carbide Die as they invest in continuous improvement by looking to the future. A diversified company is a better supplier for all of their customers – increased market reach and financial stability benefits everyone!

New Website

In an effort to better serve their customers and to attract new customers, Acme Carbide Die, Inc. has invested in a new website. The new site provides more information on Acme’s capabilities and goals - including a News section to keep customers up to date on Acme’s latest improvements. Other features of the new website include a page devoted to customer testimonials. Acme has been known as a quality supplier of tool and die products for its entire history. The new website features stories and quotes from happy customers who know the value of working with the team at Acme.

The site also has a new design to better reflect the quality and modernity of Acme Carbide Die. The site was designed through the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center as part of the Market Diversification program. It was designed to be more dynamic than the previous site and to promote the work that Acme does behind the scenes for so many industry applications. Make sure you click through the new site to see the latest and greatest from Acme Carbide Die!